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It's not enough for your countertops to look good - they have to be functional too. At Stonemeyer Granite we carry a variety of materials like natural stone, quartz, and porcelain that can take your toughest treatment and still look good afterward. Find your new countertops with us.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a beautiful material that appeals to the eye and broadcasts sophistication to all your guests.


Quartz doesn't just look beautiful, it's also heat and stain resistant enough for your toughest spills.

Porcelain Slab

Porcelain is easy to clean and maintain while lending any room a chic, contemporary style.

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When it comes to choosing a kitchen or bathroom sink, finding a beautiful product that matches your home's style is only the first step. You also have to be sure your new sink will be easy to clean, hard to scratch, and long-lasting.


A backsplash does more than just protect your kitchen and bathroom walls. When you choose the right colors, style, and material, your backsplash adds one-of-a-kind flair to your home.

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Cambria is defined by their values, animated by their passion, committed to sustainability, and focused on their customers. Cambria is American made and family owned. Their products are made of the finest natural quartz. They are distinctively durable, nonabsorbent, and easy to maintain.

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Start your new project on the right foot with inspiration from our gallery of successful countertop installations.

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